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Standard Car Service

A standard service is recommended annually or every 10,000 miles- depending on which comes first. The service involves a 50 point check which includes an engine oil change as well as full brake and tyre inspections. These checks can help ensure that some of your car’s most important fluid levels and overall condition are suitable until your next scheduled service.

One of the most important things included in a standard service is an oil change, which helps to make sure that important components in your car’s engine your car’s engine can move freely. Old oil can restrict movement of these parts and over time cause damage.

Comprehensive Car Service

A comprehensive service is advised every 20,000 miles or every two years, depending on which comes sooner.

The comprehensive service includes all the checks and fluid changes of a standard service and adds wheel balance and alignment checks, spark plug changes and a change of fuel and air filters. Changing these components at appropriate intervals can help make sure that clean air goes into the engine and can spark efficiently when required, meaning that your engine continues to run smoothly.

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New Front Street, Burnopfield, Pickering Nook, MOT Centre, NE16 6AY
Phone: 07980-022 407
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